Seeking solace

Zorba the Greek used to run fast from the top of the hill to the bottom of it.  His boss would ask, why do you run that long? Tired and sweating Zorba would reply: this way I drop my mind, forget day-to-day realities, and find solace.

My ways are quite similar. I go deeper and deeper inside the nearby forest, watch movies, or read books for hours. The less I mix with people the better I feel. The less I talk with them the better. GB Shaw has depicted my know-how accurately:  

It was not love for woman that delivered me into her hands. It was fatigue, exhaustion. When I was a child and bruised my head against a stone, I ran to the nearest woman and cried away my pain against her apron. When I grew up and bruised my soul against the brutalities and stupidities with which I had to strive, I did again just what I had done as a child.