Gautama Buddha

नमो तस्स भगवतो अरहतो सम्मा-सम्बुद्धस्स ।

Homage to the Triple Gems, Homage to Him, The Blessed One, the Exalted One, the Fully Enlightened One. 

Gautama Buddha, was born as Siddhartha (he who achieves his aim) at Lumbini, the Southern plain of Nepal. He renounced his palace, family and crown for awakening. He practiced different ways for six years in a forest. Finally, he  attained Nirvana, the state of ultimate peace by following the middle way, by practicing insight meditation.

Gautama Buddha understood what suffering is. He realized, knowing the suffering is overcoming the suffering. Buddha, the blessed one's heart was filled with compassion towards all living beings. He started teaching Dharma, the way to get rid of suffering. 

He taught the law of nature that governs life and the world. He taught the art of living in the present without letting the mind crowded by past memories or future imaginations. He taught to change our perspective and see things as they are. This much is enough. If we learn to see things as they are, life is beautiful!