More than 2500 years have passed. Buddha's message is becoming more and more essential for a healthy life and for a healthy society. Buddhism is a spiritual tradition that focuses on personal awakening and social harmony. Buddhist strive for a deep insight into the nature of life. In Buddhism it is called the law of dependent origination. 

The Law of Karma: Buddhism helps in understanding the laws of nature. 

It teaches the law of karma, how past actions affect us, either positively or negatively, how present actions will affect in the future. 

It is just like sowing good or bad seeds will result in good or bad fruit. 

Good seeds germinate in a good crops in right time (ripening). 

Good karma will result in favor in right time (vipaka).

The Four Noble Truth: In his first sermon, Buddha said, 'I teach suffering, its origin, cessation and path.' These Noble Truths contain the essence of Buddha's teachings. Buddha was awakened to these Truths during his meditation under the Bodhi tree. 

The Noble Eightfold Path: According to Buddha, the way to awakening is to follow The Noble Eightfold Path. 

The core practices are Sheela, Samadhi and Prajna. 

Sheela (Right speech, right action, right livelihood), Samadhi (Right effort, Right concentration, right mindfulness), Prajna (Right view, Right resolve)

Sheela is the footstep, Samadhi is the way, Prajna is the destination. 

Buddhism is joyful from the very beginning of practice. 

Buddhism is joyful during the journey. 

Buddhism is joyful at its destination. 


Vipassana, the Insight Meditation: The most interesting aspect of Buddhism is meditation. It is meditation that works! It is meditation that helps to change our perspective. It is meditation that helps in awakening, here, now!

What is meditation, how to practice and what are the rewards? Meditation is doing nothing physically, verbally, mentally. It is learning to stay silent. To practice Buddhist way of meditation, follow the five precepts, learn the technique of mindful breathing, mindfulness of body sensation, mindfulness of mental content and mindfulness of Dharma. 

The reward is awakening, here, now!

It will be like पुनर्जन्म,a new life. 

The trees will look greener, people will be seen more friendly, living will be more beautiful moment to moment. 

इति पि सो भगवा अरहं,सम्मासम्बुद्धो,


पुरिसधम्मसारथि,सत्था देव मनुस्सानं,बुद्धो भगवाऽति ।